Keep full control over your business processes!

Your company is growing and professionalizing in many ways, just like your services and client portfolio. And so is your need for professional digital applications, in order to streamline all your processes, so you are able to focus on your core business. This is exactly what bluemagma has to offer. As a business partner, we take over the development of all digital applications. In this way, you are in full control and your company reflects professionalism and quality.

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Custom applications

Does your company suffer from countless stand-alone and even incompatible applications? Bluemagma brings structure to this: we offer a tailor-made solution that answers all your specific needs. You decide which features are important. And this proposition comes at an affordable price and within a reasonable timeframe.


System integrations

You are quite happy about your current system, but it does not really provide an answer to all your needs? Bluemagma develops complementary modules and extensions for your favorite application or adapts it where necessary. This way, you don’t have to get rid of it all, but you take a simple step towards the perfect application.

Blockchain applications

Bluemagma also rides the waves of this technology. If you wish to develop a pilot project or a proof of concept using blockchain technology, we are at your service. Our team has experience in bitcoin and ethereum.


Being the only level 4 certified veeva partner in the benelux, bluemagma well-positioned to work on the veeva platform. Closed loop marketing presentations, approved e-mail, cobrowse and myinsights have no secrets for us. It is our pleasure to support you in this.

Our working process



Good agreements make good friends and a good analysis makes a good application. We dig very deep in this phase because a good understanding and clear expectations are the key to a successful process of the project. We take into account the features for the application, time and budget.

Development & testing

We start the development of a basic version which only comprises minimal requirements. You test and give feedback, we adapt. This means we are working in an iterative way towards the delivery of the final version. You have permanent insight in the process and can always adjust if necessary, without losing time.


With bluemagma, this is a moment you are confidently looking forward to. No black box will open, no white rabbit will be pulled out of the hat, but the application that you have seen growing, will go live and will be effectively applied in the company environment.

Follow-up + extra features

As a business partner, bluemagma stays at your side for potential extensions, optimizations and updates and we also continue developing ourselves. This way, you will be the first to know if we can make your application even more performing.